Website Links

Stoke Fleming

  • Friends of St Peter's  - a local organisation to support the cost of repair, maintenance, and improvement of the fabric of the Church of St Peter’s.  So far FOSP have raised funds for the refurbishment of the clock as part of the Renovation Project and to replace the weather vane on the tower roof.

The Renovation Project

  • Cumbria Clock Company - removing and overhauling clock mechanism, converting to electric auto-winding and re-gilding the face.
  • Elliott Construction - preparatory building work, replacing roof girders and building "pads" for new bell frame.
  • Johnson Matthey - sponsored two additional bells to commemorate their bi-centenary. 

About Bellringing

  • Discover Bellringing - a website giving a good introduction to the hobby of bellringing, with video and audio clips.
  • The Devon Association - represents towers who practise the "call change" style of ringing prevalent in Devon.
  • The Devon Guild of Church Bellringers – represent other towers in Devon who practise the “change ringing” style, otherwise known as “scientific” or “method” ringing, prevalent in other parts of the UK.
  • Dove's Guide - a directory of all towers in Britain and around the world where bells are hung for full-circle change ringing.
  • Ringing World - The official journal of the Central Council of Church Bellringers. News, gossip and useful information about ringing.